Hello! My name is Bruce and I'm your friendly neighborhood dog walker! I'd love to offer my services as a one-on-one walker/sitter, or if you have multiple "doggo's!"
Before I got into walking and sitting, I spent 24/7 with my little guy named Aristottle…Arro for short, and he was!…short that is… He was a zen master, calm, cool, rare black Pekingese. We ran into each other many years ago. He was a runaway, and abused, and I fell in love with him immediately. We were together for over 12 years. We enjoyed our walks and meeting new dogs and their people. He, of course, liked peeing on everything…me?... not so much.
After he was gone, I missed that daily routine and interaction, so I sought out dog owners / neighbors who wanted help from someone trustworthy to step in and lend a hand when needed. My hope is that I may be of service to you and your fuzzy family members!(dogs only!…your hairy Uncle can walk himself!) :)

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One of a kind, original pet portraits, like the example above
and to the right, are available by B. Hilvitz.
$100. per dog. Full color vector art in .PDF form given for self print-out,
or at additional cost, giclee prints are available.

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